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In order to build the regenerative economy required for a healthy future on the planet, no organization can do it alone. Clearly, no organization can be world class in multiple areas - they must focus. Additionally, organizations must find a way to have healthy collaboration exist in balance with free market actions and fair competition. Thruline Networks team is composed of active practitioners of a living systems approach to ecosystem development for problem solving, solution development and solution implementation.

A living systems approach is a holistic perspective that views systems, whether biological, ecological, or social, as interconnected and dynamic entities. It recognizes that these systems are not simply a collection of individual components but function as a complex network of relationships, where changes in one element can have cascading effects on the entire system. A living systems approach emphasizes understanding the patterns, feedback loops, and emergent properties that arise from the interactions within the system. It considers the interdependence of various elements, the flow of energy and resources, and the adaptive capacities of the system to respond to changes and maintain balance. This approach often involves observing, studying, and modeling systems to gain insights into their functioning and identifying leverage points for intervention. By embracing a living systems approach, we can better comprehend and address the intricacies of complex problems, such as sustainability, climate change, and socio-ecological challenges.

A living systems ecosystem approach is a highly effective strategy for collaboration between mission-driven climate tech companies, service providers and impact investors. This approach recognizes that environmental challenges are complex and interconnected, requiring holistic and collaborative solutions. By adopting a living systems perspective, companies, service providers and investors acknowledge the intricate web of relationships and dependencies within the climate tech ecosystem. This approach encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and resource pooling, enabling companies to leverage their unique expertise while accessing both catalytic and growth capital and support from impact investors. It fosters a sense of shared purpose, creating a symbiotic relationship where companies receive the necessary resources to scale their innovations, while investors contribute to tangible and impactful climate solutions as service providers help investors to de-risk early stage companies and fast moving, immature markets. Ultimately, a living systems ecosystem approach facilitates a more integrated and efficient pathway towards achieving collective climate goals.

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The following are some of the services we offer for individuals, teams and organizations:

The following list below showcases some of our amazing ecosystem partners with whom we collaborate to effect the systems change needed for our portfolio companies, and those they serve, to thrive.

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