Team and Advisors


Phil Dillard
CEO & Founder
Hal Perdew
Jalen Gildersleeve
Marketing & Branding; Investor Advisory & Relations
Casper Tambanillo
Chief of Staff
Amanda Mork
Marketing & Communications Strategy, Brand Development
Glenn Gameng
Sales Development Rep
Michele Sconiers
Strategy, Business Development, Legal
Roger Kassebaum
Program Manager
Scott Springer
Managing Director
Amy (Stein) Nathan
Managing Director
Tyrome Smith
Program Manager
Kierith Jones
DAF Director


Janice Fraser
Jeff Heely
Managing Partner
Ian Faison
Caspian Studios
Aamer Mumtaz
VP of Strategy
Allan Young
Platform Venture Studio
Denise Barreto
Relationships Matter Now / Serquet Productions
Zac Keller
Bobby Fishkin
Mike Grillo
Account Executive
David Hodgson
Context Nature; Global Regeneration CoLab
E. David Ellington
Silicon Valley Blockchain Society
Lionel Shaw
Caritas Advisors | The Each Foundation
Ben Bartlett
Tackett Bartlet LLP
  • Thruline Networks is led by our founder Phil Dillard
  • A Naval Academy Alumni, Navy Veteran, corporate strategist and serial entrepreneur. As African American male experienced launching companies and raising capital as a person of color, and understands the challenges of diverse and nontraditional entrepreneurs. He embraces and embeds multi-dimensional diversity in the fabric of the organization so people from all walks of life can thrive.
  • Phil believes that mission driven entrepreneurship can have a significant and lasting impact on the planet that can match or exceed that of governments, corporations and nonprofits
  • He surround himself with like minded people who help our clients and partners achieve their goals
  • Thruline Networks focused on delivering practical solutions to the biggest market inefficiencies, to address some of the world's most pressing problems.