Team and Advisors


Phil Dillard
CEO & Founder
Jeff Heely
Managing Partner
Aamer Mumtaz
VP of Strategy
Jalen Gildersleeve
Marketing & Branding; Investor Advisory & Relations
Casper Tambanillo
Chief of Staff
Amanda Mork
Marketing & Communications Strategy, Brand Development
Michele Sconiers
Strategy, Business Development, Legal


Janice Fraser
Ian Faison
Caspian Studios
Allan Young
Platform Venture Studio
Denise Barreto
Relationships Matter Now / Serquet Productions
Zac Keller
Bobby Fishkin
David Hodgson
Context Nature; Global Regeneration CoLab
Sarah Maxwell
PR, Growth Marketing, Partnerships
E. David Ellington
Silicon Valley Blockchain Society
Jody Weiss
Investor Advisory & Relations, Coaching & Events
James Jones
Ardito Advisors
Lionel Shaw
Caritas Advisors | The Each Foundation
Ben Bartlett
Tackett Bartlet LLP
Jonathan Speed
Waterman Ventures / 1790 Media
  • Thruline Networks is led by our founder Phil Dillard
  • A Naval Academy Alumni, Navy Veteran, corporate strategist and serial entrepreneur. As African American male experienced launching companies and raising capital as a person of color, and understands the challenges of diverse and nontraditional entrepreneurs. He embraces and embeds multi-dimensional diversity in the fabric of the organization so people from all walks of life can thrive.
  • Phil believes that mission driven entrepreneurship can have a significant and lasting impact on the planet that can match or exceed that of governments, corporations and nonprofits
  • He surround himself with like minded people who help our clients and partners achieve their goals
  • Thruline Networks focused on delivering practical solutions to the biggest market inefficiencies, to address some of the world's most pressing problems.