Areas of Focus


Thruline Networks works with a variety of organizations to create impactful, scalable and profitable solutions that address pressing global issues related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Planetary Boundaries. While the firm has a specific focus on interconnected, pressing global issues that can be addressed by building waste-to-value and circular economy solutions, there are some adjacent areas that are relevant and within the areas of interest in expertise. 
Waste is not natural. Thruline Networks to restore systems in a manner influenced by natural systems so that the concept of waste is significantly recast in the 21st century economy.

The Thruline team breaks waste into 8 different categories that include:

• Plastic waste
• Agricultural waste
• Food waste
• Construction waste
• Manufacturing waste
• Clothing waste
• Construction Waste
• Resource Waste

Companies in the Thruline Networks portfolio leverage a combination of hard tech and soft tech solutions to one or more of these categories. They are in early stages of their development where they have a solution with a certain amount of traction, have moved past their own investment to securing their first round(s) of outside and institutional investment before they move into rapid growth stages. Portfolio companies value transparency, work towards constant improvement, and measure the internal and external impact in a smart and substantive way.
Due to the systematic nature of the challenges addressed, Thruline Networks considers solutions in its primary area of focus, as well as those that are upstream and downstream of its primary focus areas:

Upstream Adjacent
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Energy & Water Infrastructure
  • Material Innovation
Primary Focus Areas
  • Waste to Value
  • Circular Economy
  • Regenerative Economy
  • SpaceTech
Downstream Adjacent
  • Wildfire Prevention & Remediation
  • Dual Use Technology Applications
  • Human and Environmental HealthTech
  • Health System Innovation

Services Detail

The following are some of the services we offer for individuals, teams and organizations:

Nascent Coaching & Workshops

This solution mission clarification, alignment and execution support for individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Sustainable Go-to-Market

Companies seeking a go-to-market approach that considers impact and financial outcomes in every step of the process have found what they are looking for in this solution.

Impact Solutions  

Companies everywhere are trying to determine how to define, measure/quantify, and communicate on the positive impact they are having by their activities. We leverage best practices to helping mission driven companies to define what their impact outcomes should be, define the approaches, measurements and milestones along the way to their stated goal. We partner with other industry leaders to leverage the top global standards and apply them to each specific situation to deliver real, honest, measurable results.

Media / Content Creation

We help partners create compelling content to showcase their contribution to building the 4th Sector, Mission Driven companies and impact investment opportunities.

Services for Teams

we help teams develop a shared and focused vision of the future they desire to achieve, and help them develop plans, routines and disciplines on how to achieve their goals and measure success. For details on current services for teams click here.

Services for Individuals

We help individuals figure out who they really are, where they are headed, and how to get there. For details on current services for individuals click here.

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