Capital Stack Optimization & Investment Advisory

Maximizing Investment Potential



Our Capital Stack & Investment Advisory services are designed to help organizations maximize their investment potential. We provide expert guidance on capital raising, investment due diligence, investment analysis, and risk management to help organizations make informed investment decisions.

Capital Stack Optimization (for a Startup) - Service Description

(“The 8 week, Capital Stack Tune Up”)

We take lessons from thousands of investor conversations and deal structuring activities to help founders think through the right way to structure the capital stack for their company. 

Who has this problem and how do you describe it:


  • Early stage ClimateTech companies and EdgeTech / Emerging Tech solutions solving complex problems
  • Founders seeking to align their capital needs with the right types of partners for their current stage of development
  • Teams lacking extensive experience negotiating with the capital market experts


  • Need to refine the approach by investor type
  • Develop a solid strategy, set of financial documents and approach for operational and sales metrics capture to inform financial partners
  • Optimize communications for different audiences

What the solution looks like:

  • Standard package with modular customizations
  • Flexible, stage-specific compensation plans 

How does the solution work:

  • Minimum 3-6 month engagement
  • Initial consultation
  • Develop a financial strategy & engagement plan
  • Implement execution plan with world class experts and partners
  • Conduct ongoing plan maintenance, optimization and negotiation support

Other Programs

Impact Venture Studio

Because of the strong shared insights developed with its ecosystem and and its thought leadership, the Thruline Networks team develops a solid understanding of the specific areas in each of the six identified categories of waste where the market that requires innovation. The team then prioritizes each of the areas of opportunity and evaluates a large number of companies trying to solve the challenge presented. As the investment arm of the firm, the studio works in two ways. First, the studio leverages in-house investment advisory programs that reduce risk and facilitate investors taking advantage of unique insights to add value through direct investment in the companies solving these problems. Second, when the team identifies gaps in the value chain that are not sufficiently being served, the group launches companies to address the need.

Thought Leadership

Through a variety of owned media assets, the Thruline team regularly researches and discusses trends, priorities and opportunities in impact, sustainability / regeneration, policy and finance. With a focus on topics that include biodiversity preservation, circular economy, sustainability, climate technology, resilient infrastructure and other inputs to the UN SDGs and Planetary Boundaries, the Thruline team leads in new knowledge creation and helps clients and investors to develop their own thought leadership for market positioning and brand differentiation.